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Singing for Snorers has been in the media throughout its life.


Alise Ojay has been interviewed several times on BBC Radio 4 in the UK: twice on Today, BBC Radio 4's flagship news and current affairs programme (link below), and also on You and Yours, Radio 4's consumer affairs programme. Alise has been interviewed for Morning Edition on NPR (National Public Radio) in the USA (link below), on ABC in Australia, and on Radio New Zealand. In addition she has given numerous interviews on local radio stations throughout the UK and internationally.


News about Singing for Snorers has been reported on various television programmes in the UK, the USA, and by Globo TV in Brazil (see YouTube video below). Back in 1999 news spread that Alise had been granted funding by the Northcott Devon Medical Foundation to conduct a pilot trial and was recruiting subjects. The story of the planned trial was featured positively on the BBC TV programme Watchdog Healthcheck. 14 years later, the publication of the Royal Devon & Exeter NHS hospital's research into Singing for Snorers (published 2013) even provided the basis for one of the storylines in an episode of Holby City, the BBC medical drama, broadcast in Spring 2014. Reuters also covered the story and in September 2014 Singing for Snorers was featured in an episode of Hirschhausens Quiz des Menschen broadcast on ARD in Germany.

In November 2015 the BBC1 magazine programme The One Show broadcast the story of one woman who successfully used Singing for Snorers to treat her snoring problem. The BBC sought out someone who was highly motivated to reduce their snoring and willing to try the Singing for Snorers exercises. They found Collette who wrote the following after completing the programme:

"Alise's Singing for Snorers programme was a very different and yet most interesting and fun thing to do. At first I wondered how it might help, but as time went on, it did help. I found myself singing not only for the exercises in her booklet/CD but also for fun and I still hum some of the tunes today.. some are very catchy !! 15 minutes per day was a commitment, but as I got used to the tunes and sounds, I was able to play the CD and potter about the house as I sang, so it didn't take up too much of my time, once I had learnt each new module.

Wonderfully, I also found that my throat and neck tightened up, and the wee flabby chin I had had has disappeared !! I never expected that.

As we reached the end of my programme, the recording showed us that I hardly snored at all. A marvellous result." (Collette Lord)

Newspapers and Magazines

Numerous articles have been written about Singing for Snorers in UK broadsheet newspapers, in magazines, and in international publications as a result of the pilot and clinical trials and also when a customer in his 80s travelled to the UK from Arizona in the United States to thank Alise for creating the exercises which freed him from his CPAP.

Links to interviews with Alise Ojay which are available online:

NPR Morning Edition interview with Renee Montagne, 6th July, 2005

BBC Today programme interview, 19th August, 2013

The Brazilian TV company Globo sent reporters to Exeter, UK to interview Alise and Mr Malcolm Hilton, the Consultant Otolaryngologist who ran the clinical trial of Singing for Snorers at the Royal Devon & Exeter NHS hospital. See their report below.

This report was broadcast in Brazil on the magazine programme Fantastico on 15th September, 2013.
Uploaded to YouTube with permission.
(Subtitles in English and credits added by Alise).

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